Pinot Noir

Behind the cork of every Benovia Pinot Noir you'll taste an unrelenting passion for world class winemaking that artfully captures the unique expression of a time and a place, ever so gently nuanced by a highly experienced winemaker. As a result, the different styles in Benovia's diverse portfolio of California Pinot Noirs range from Old World with a classic character, to New World with a more modern expression.

Cohn Vineyard Pinot Noir

This spectacular single-vineyard Pinot Noir is harvested from the legendary gnarled vines of our own Cohn Vineyard, first planted in the 1970s.  Read More

Savoy Pinot Noir

Located north of Philo, Rich Savoy has been farming Pinot Noir from this vineyard in the Anderson Valley for 20 years.  Read More

Bella Una® Pinot Noir

In crafting this Pinot Noir our objective was to create a wine that was the best possible expression of all of the sub-regions of the Russian River Valley. Read More

Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

The defining characteristics of a truly outstanding Pinot Noir come together in this Russian River wine produced primarily with fruit from our own Martaella Estate Vineyard. Read More

La Pommeraie Pinot Noir

Our latest release of this extraordinary single vineyard Pinot Noir with fruit harvested from a Martinelli Family vineyard that was once an apple orchard.  Read More

Rosé of Pinot Noir

Our customers' summer sipping favorite, the Rosé of Pinot Noir is a blend of fruit from both Russian River and Green Valley. Read More

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